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Ascii to Binary

English to binary conversion tool. Enter the text in the box and click on the button to get the Ascii to binary answer. For example, enter the letter English letter 'D' in the box and you will get the "01000100" binary number in the answer box.

Text to Binary Conversion

How to convert ASCII text to binary?

To convert ASCII to binary, convert each letter in the text string separately. Consider the following steps for conversion:

  • Get the character
  • Get the binary number of that character from the Ascii table
  • Continue the same process for every number in a string.

For example, consider this English string "ACJ" for the text to binary conversion.


  • Get the first character from the String. In this case, it is an A
  • Get the binary code for A. For A, it is 01000001.
  • Perform the same operation for another two characters. So, the final answer after conversion would be " 01000001 01000011 01001010"