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Decimal to fraction converter

Number to fraction converter.

Fractions answer:


Decimal to fraction conversion:

Steps of number to fraction:

First of all, note down the digits that are on the right side of the decimal point and the power of 10

Once done, find the greatest common divisor of the same number

Reduce the fraction by dividing with the greatest common divisor(gcd). You can consider the following example for detailed information.

Example for the decimal to a fraction number:

Convert the 0.44 decimal number to fraction:


=> 0.44 = 44/100

Find out the GCD of the above numbers. Here, in the above number, we have 4.

Now, divide both numbers with 4.

=> 0.44 = (44/4)/(100/4)

After the division, the answer would be,

=> 11/25