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kJ to Calories conversion

Kilojoules to Calories conversion app for everyone.

About this KJ to calories app

This is a simple KJ to calories conversion app that helps you to convert these units in just one click. There are a few features of this KJ to calories conversion app, they are as follows:

  • Kilojoules to thermochemical calories
  • To get the calorie value in the thermochemical unit, you need to multiply the value inserted by the users by 239.0057.

  • Kilojoules to 15°C calories
  • In order to convert this unit, you need to multiply the value by 238.9201

  • Kilojoules to large/food calories
  • For large/food calorie units, you need to multiply the value by 0.239 with a view to getting the correct answer.

How to use this Kj to calories app?

To use this KJ to calories app, you need to enter the Kilojoule value inside of the textbox. Once you insert the value, you need to select an option from Large/Food calories, Small 15 Degree calories, and small thermochemical calories. Once you select an option, you can go ahead and click on the answer button. As soon as you click on the answer button, you will get an answer in the Calories unit.