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Energy consumption conversion made easy with this calories to joules convertsion app.

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About this calories to joules app

This is one of the simplest calorie to joules conversion apps that help you to convert these units in the least amount of time. To use a calories to joules app, first select an option from Large/food calories, Small thermochemical calories, and Small 15°C calories.

  • Large/food calories
  • This option is often used for large food products. Most users use our app for the conversion of Large/food products.

  • Small thermochemical calories
  • The small thermochemical calorie products needed to increase 1 gram of water at the pressure of 1 degree. We noticed that the least number of users of our app use this option for the calories to joules translation.

About calories to joules units

Both of these units, calories, and joules are used to convert the energy units. If you are a GYM enthusiast, working in a bakery or you are into developing food products that follow the number of ingredients strictly then this tool is going to be really important for you. You can use this calories to joules translator totally for free.