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Amps to kVA

AMPs to kilovolt-amp(kVA) converter.

Select the phase between single-phase and three-phase, enter Amperes and Volts in the text box, click on the answer button to convert Amps to kVA.

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Result in kilovolt-amps: kVA

AMPS to KVA Calculation steps

Single Phase:

To convert AMPs to KVA for a single-phase, multiply Amperes and volts. Once multiplied, divide the answer by 1000.

S = I × V

Calculation with line to line voltage:

S(kVA) = 3 × I(A)× VL-L(V)/ 1000 

Calculation with line to neutral voltage

S(kVA) = 3 × I(A)× VL-N(V)/ 1000