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Calories Burned Calculator

An online tool to calculate calories burned after doing indoor, outdoor, walking, swimming, running, training, and sports activities.

How to use this calories burned calculator?

This calculator is developed to help everyone to calculate the total amount of calories burned after a word out. To use this calorie-burned calculator, you need to select the activity you did earlier. Once you select the main category, you need to select the sub-category for that particular activity.

As soon as you select that activity, you need to insert the total amount of time you did that activity in hours and minutes. Once you are all set, you need to add your weight. You can either insert the weight in Kilograms or pounds. Once you are done with this information, you can go ahead and click on the answer button and you will get a number for the total calories burned.

Importance of using a calories burned calculator:

The human body requires a certain amount of calories in a day. For men, the required calories in a day are 2500 and for women, this number is 2000. If a person eats food that has more amount of calories than required then the person's weight may increase.

For that reason, many people do work out in order to burn calories and stay healthy. Most of our tool's users use our tool to calculate the total amount of calories they burned after a workout or an outdoor activity with a view to equalizing the daily calorie intake quota.