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BMI Calculator

BMI calculator in feet/inches/pounds for women, men and kids.


This Body Mass Index calculation tool can be used to calculate the BMI value based on your body weight and height.

How to use this BMI calculator?

To use this BMI calculator, you need two variables. The first is body weight and the second is height. Once you have these two variables, you need to insert them in the text box area and click on the calculate button.

As soon as you click on the calculate button, you will get BMI value in number, BMI category, and health risk in string. You can insert your height in either centimeters or feet & inches. Same as that, you can also have two options for weight units. You can eighter insert the weight in the Pounds unit or Kilograms unit.

Features of this BMI calculator

Based on your height and weight this BMI calculator categorizes your fitness into different parts. The categories of this BMI calculator are Underweight, Normal weight, Overweight, Moderately obese, Severely obese, and Very severely obese. And based on these categories, this BMI calculator shows risk as Malnutrition risk, Low risk, Enhanced risk, Medium risk, High risk, and Very high risk.

Advantages of using a BMI calculator

When you add height and weight in the text area and click on the converter button this BMI calculator app shows you the BMI of your body. Along with that, it shows the category and health risks of your body. For example, if you find out that your body is high risk then you can be aware of the current scenario. Also, you may start working out and consuming healthy food. More than adults, this app can be more beneficial for kids. By looking at a kid it is really difficult to say the BMI and for that reason, this app can be beneficial for both kids and adults.